Food, Glorious Food!

Some of my favorite vacation memories are centered around food.  Especially food in Italy.  Italy is a gastronomic delight.  I think even the “bad” food is good.  But, you do need a little bit of advice before diving into those good eats. First, don’t expect to find “Italian” food as it is served here in … More Food, Glorious Food!

Train Travel!

One of the best ways to travel around Italy is by train.  They have an excellent rail network throughout Italy.  The cost is very reasonable (especially if booked in advance) and extremely comfortable.  What’s more, it takes you from city centre to city centre. There are your high speed trains (Freccia) which travel between major … More Train Travel!

Packing Tips!

With each trip I take (long or short) I become better and better at packing.  Still not able to just do a carry-on (unless it’s for a weekend), but I’m getting there! My latest trip to Europe (which was a month long) required some good planning as far as the packing goes.  I discovered “packing … More Packing Tips!

Booking Flights

I just returned from a trip to Italy.  I’ve been reflecting on the flights that I took.  I won’t mention the airlines that I used, but will talk about the experience I had and what I would do differently, as well what I would/won’t recommend to clients. Our first flight, Vancouver to Toronto, then Toronto … More Booking Flights