There are so many reasons to travel.  It’s not just about seeing a new place.  It’s about experiencing new things.  Tasting different food.  Hearing a new language.  Meeting new people.  It’s even about bonding more with the people that you are traveling with.

Traveling solo?  Well that opens up a whole new world for you.  It gives you the opportunity to get in touch with yourself.  Reflect upon your life, open yourself up to new challenges.  If the thought of traveling by yourself scares you, take it slow.  Go away for a weekend on your own, somewhere close to home.  Think of it as a learning experience.  Even if you go and stay in your hotel the whole time ordering room service, trust me, the next time (and there will be a next time!) you’ll be more courageous.

Group travel?  That has it’s own challenges.  You have to take everyone’s opinion into consideration.  Everyone will have different ideas on where to go.  Also, there is the “budget”.  One persons’ luxury resort, may be a dive for someone else.  Will all the meals be equally split, or will you all pay separately? Will the group be doing everything together?  Absolutely not!  Make sure you build in time for everyone to have some space.

Ultimately, a great vacation takes a lot of planning and research.  Using a travel adviser to help with the planning and to book through, will save you money and your sanity.  Trying to wade through hundreds of websites to find what you are looking for, not to mention figuring out if they are legit, really takes the fun out of planning.

Sit down with your travel agent, tell them what you what in a vacation, how many are traveling and your budget.  You will make the final decision, but your travel adviser will do the work for you!



Happy travels!


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