Packing Tips!

2015-04-12 11.47.22-1

With each trip I take (long or short) I become better and better at packing.  Still not able to just do a carry-on (unless it’s for a weekend), but I’m getting there!

My latest trip to Europe (which was a month long) required some good planning as far as the packing goes.  I discovered “packing cubes”.  Wow – those are amazing.  It makes traveling out of your suitcase so much easier.  I used 6 cubes of various sizes:

  • small cube for intimates and pj’s
  • medium cube for t-shirts/tanks/tops
  • medium for capris and skirts
  • large for dresses and sweaters
  • large for shoes
  • medium for gifts to relatives going and gifts for family coming home.

Each cube represented a “drawer” so in the morning when I was getting dressed I would unzip a cube and take out what I needed.  Easy-peasy!

I would also recommend that you pack a complete change of clothing in your carry-on, just in case your bag doesn’t arrive at your destination the same time you do.  Also, always, ALWAYS carry your medication with you in your carry on, as well as anything of great value (jewelry, expensive camera equipment, laptop/tablet, cash)

If your luggage is missing when you arrive at your destination, don’t panic!  Go to the lost luggage kiosk, you will fill out a claim form (this is why it is important to keep your boarding pass, they attach a sticker to it with a bar code, the bar code will help to track your bag) and hopefully within a day or so your luggage will be delivered to your hotel.

Happy travels!

“Travel is more than an itinerary”






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