Just a little bit about me.  First, I’m a mom of 4 awesome kids (well truthfully, they aren’t kids anymore, they are young male adults).  I am a wife.  And, I’m a breast cancer survivor.  I always thought it was very cliche when I would hear that having breast cancer (well any kind of cancer) was life changing.  It is.

I took a look at my life and my job, realized that it wasn’t making me happy.  I wanted to work at something that I was passionate about.  What am I passionate about?


Traveling isn’t just about going somewhere.  It is learning about the place,  people, customs, food, language and  history.  It’s about venturing out of your comfort zone.

So, what job can I do that involves travel?

The one that spoke to me the most is – Travel Advisor.

I love the research that goes into creating a great travel adventure. That’s how Monica’s Vacation Creations was born.

Click on the links below for information regarding different types of vacations.

Want to go on a beach vacation?

How about  a custom itinerary to a country of your choosing?

Love to golf?  Take your game on the road.

Have a group (sports team, family reunion, wedding)?





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